Consider following when designing user interface:

  • Navigation
    • Do not get lost
    • Consistency
    • Help facility to guide
  • Content
    • Educational
    • Entertaining
    • Promotional
    • Informational
  • Look and Feel
    • Colours to suit brief and create right mood
    • Visually appealing
  • Layout
    • Uncluttered
    • Clear
    • Intuitive
  • Clients/Users
    • Meet expectations

More specific users are, easier to target material and delivery.

  • Define users
  • What do they want?
  • How can it be delivered?

Example – Amazon. Does number of things well:

  • Navigation – no broken links, good search facility
  • Trusted brand – buying and delivery
  • Search can be ordered in different ways
  • Users able to rate & comment on merchandise

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