More user admin in *nix

Following on from a much earlier post about user administration in Solaris, I have found a few other tasks that may be fairly common requirements. To change a users login nameusermod -l <new username> <old username>e.g. usermod -l john.knight john.knoght “-l” tells usermod that we want to amend the login name. This is useful if, like me, you made a […]

Basic User Administration in Solaris

Here are some pointers on performing basic user administration in Solaris, e.g. adding and removing/deleting a user. The commands useradd, usermod and userdel are available from /usr/sbin when logged in as a user with root privileges. To Add a User useradd -u 1001 -d /export/home/timb -m -s /bin/bash -c “Tim Bow” -g 100 timb -u the numeric user id, must […]