Group Feedback

This post covers my proposal to the group feedback question set within the lesson. System: Administration Purpose: System to ensure students are able to study for a qualification and for tutors to teach. Goals/Objectives: Provide information to potential students. Facilitate registration of students. Provide scheduling information to tutors. Provide assistance with general queries. Definition (what do we want to achieve?): […]

Inputs, Outputs and Transformation

See previous post on Input and Output. Inputs Students Tutors Outputs Happy, qualified students. Act as form of positive feedback by encouraging others to become students. Quality assessment. Some used as feedback to improve students’ experience and quality of education. Direct feedback by way of self-assessment. Indirect feedback by way of quality reported to outside companies who then provide feedback. […]

System Purpose/Goals/Objectives

See previous post on Goals and Objectives. Example: Global e-learning company. System definition: Provide distance learning throughout the world and some fixed site learning in the UK. It will use online materials and provide tutor support to students. In analysis of system, we should question our assumptions and ensure that what we think the system is actually is correct in […]


System in some way performs a transformation on its inputs from the environment and then sends them as outputs back to the environment. Transformation occurs to support system purpose, goals and objectives. No transformation then no system.