SSM approach: Systemic – whole is greater than the parts. Iterative – steps repeated, not purely sequential. User-centred – focuses on stakeholders. Information-centred – focuses on gathering information. Qualitative – based on debate, negotiation and consensus. Problem exploration – focus on exploring ¬†understanding problem rather than solving it. Conceptual – modelling is conceptual, important to recognise if solutions identified involve […]

Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) stages 5 – 7

Stage 5 – Conceptual Models compared to problem expression and Root Definitions. Stages 2 – 5 reiterated if there are differences until Root Definition agrees with Conceptual Model. Differences likely between Root Definition and Conceptual Model due to more analysis being carried out in development of Conceptual Model. Stage 6 – Identify the feasible and desirable changes by comparing the […]

Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) stages 1 – 4

Methodology supporting Soft Systems analysis developed by Checkland. Seven stages: The Problem Situation The Problem Situation expressed Root Definitions of relevant systems Building Conceptual Models Comparison of the expressed Problem Situation and the Conceptual Models Feasible and desired changes Action to improve the situation Stages 1 & 2 – obtaining rich expression of problem situation, creation of rich pictures. Stage […]