Software Development Productivity Measures

Key output from I.T. department is software, either directly written or by third party. Difficult measuring & monitoring software development productivity – no industry standard approach. Approaches include: Algorithmic Model based on historical data e.g. Constructive Cost Model (COCOMO). Comparison Compare to a similiar sized past project. Bottom Up Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) – work broken down into smallest parts, […]

I.T. Department Functions

I.T. function responsibilities: Software Development Development/acquisition of application software for payroll, accounting, stock etc. Data Management Covers data design, data models and data security. Network Management Provides network services. Operations Management Responsible for running network, hardware and software as well as back up and security of data. End User Support Interfaces with users, covers user support, help desk and user […]


Form of model used by humans to communicate. Still a form of abstraction. Used to represent something but not in literal sense – putting a complex explanation into simple terms. Examples: Food for thought Something that warrants serious consideration Lions lead by Donkeys German High Command description of the British Army in World War 1 A bird in the hand […]