Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) stages 5 – 7

Stage 5 – Conceptual Models compared to problem expression and Root Definitions. Stages 2 – 5 reiterated if there are differences until Root Definition agrees with Conceptual Model. Differences likely between Root Definition and Conceptual Model due to more analysis being carried out in development of Conceptual Model. Stage 6 – Identify the feasible and desirable changes by comparing the […]

Stakeholders and Perspectives

See previous post on Stakeholders and Perspectives. Stakeholders involved in the e-learning company are: Students – can have many perspectives. Some may be happy with studies, others having difficulties. Their perspective may change when they receive marks for exams or coursework. Recruitment/Enrolment/Payment Processing staff – perspectives can change according to targets set for them and how well they achieve them. […]

Perspectives and Stakeholders

It is vital to identify stakeholders and their level of interest in the system. Different stakeholders may have different perspectives – a view on something at a point in time. Perspectives can change in light of new information or change in circumstance. Example: Perspectives of a bicycle Environmentalist – mode of transport with minimal impact on environment Ecologist – considers […]