Navigation Basics

Navigation chart – shows way around website. Can be one chart or split for different navigation levels. Four main types of navigation: Linear Non-linear Hierarchical Composite, or Complex Good principles: No more than seven (plus/minus two) nav buttons “3 clicks convention” – user never more than three click from main page Keep it simple Label buttons or use text navigation […]


Design documentation – Navigation Chart and Storyboard Design documentation – includes variety of techniques including: navigation charts storyboards Techniques provide common understanding of development needs. Captures views of both clients and developers. Show organisation and structure of content. Navigation types Four main navigation types: Linear Navigate sequentially Build knowledge Example of user: Training materials Non-linear Navigate freely No pre-determined routes […]


Many systems display¬†non-linear behaviour i.e. their¬†outputs are not directly proportional to their inputs. Non-linear systems do not satisfy superposition principal, or superposition property. For all linear systems, net response at given place and time caused by two or more stimuli is sum of responses which would have been caused by stimuli individually. If input A produces response X and input […]