See previous post on Holistic and Reductionist views. Reductionist view – breaks system into sub-systems & individual functions. Can produce a lot of information on system operation. E.g. Different HND courses HND and Degree courses Individual tutors Individual support teams Performance of technical infrastructure Holistic view – looks at wider view of system. E.g. Number of potential students Performance of […]

Holistic and Reductionist views

Holistic Concept that system is greater than the sum of its parts, see the Bicycle and Central Heating systems for examples. Trying to identify all connections to systems environment, view is limited to that environment. By looking beyond the holistic or systemic view, we would be considering the ecological view recognising “the fundamental interdependence of all phenomena and the fact […]

Systems are important 

The events reported on daily are parts of larger trends which are indicators of underlaying system structures. With that in mind, we are then able to manage, and live within, a world full of complex systems. Systems & sustainability A systems view becomes more important as we produce viable ways of dealing with societies and their demands. We need a […]