Git repo and Visual Studio 2017

When using Git as the source control system within Visual Studio, if you use a different location to create your local repos than the default it can be a pain to amend it each time. This post will show how the default repo location can be updated… The default location for Git repos in Visual Studio is:C:\users\<user name>\Source\Repos If you […]

Installing UnxUtils on Windows

This is only a short post covering the installation of UnxUtils. I previously covered installing Git and following this post will be how to install and configure Jenkins. Jenkins requires some Unix utilities to work so it is advised to install UnxUtils which can be downloaded from Once downloaded, extract the files from the ZIP folder and put them […]

Install Git binaries on Windows

Steps to install the Git binaries on a Windows operating system, in this case Windows 8.1. Browse to and download the appropriate version for your operating system. Click through the licence agreement. Select the folder to install Git to. Deselect “Associate .sh files to be run with Bash” as we’ll be using a separate instance of Bash to run […]