Group Feedback

This post covers my proposal to the group feedback question set within the lesson. System: Administration Purpose: System to ensure students are able to study for a qualification and for tutors to teach. Goals/Objectives: Provide information to potential students. Facilitate registration of students. Provide scheduling information to tutors. Provide assistance with general queries. Definition (what do we want to achieve?): […]

Boundary and Environment

See previous posts on Boundary and Environment. If system can control component/element it is inside boundary and part of system. If system cannot control component/element but has influence on system it is in environment and outside system. Boundary will be defined so that: Students – study activities inside boundary, social & personal life in environment. Technology – infrastructure to support […]

Environment and sub-system

Environment is context in which system operates and is major influence on system behaviour. System receives inputs from and provides outputs to environment. Systems change overtime. “What does the system interact with?” – no absolute answer. Depends on perspective taken. The same applies to the boundary too. Stakeholders have one view but asking whole group helps identify those elements that […]


Identifies limits of the system. Definition of boundary relates directly to system’s purpose. Inside boundary are elements/components that make up system and are within system’s control. Outside boundary is environment and the elements/components that are outside of the system’s control. Elements/components both inside and outside boundary can be used as system inputs and can also be influenced by it’s outputs. Analysing […]