Group Feedback

This post covers my proposal to the group feedback question set within the lesson. System: Administration Purpose: System to ensure students are able to study for a qualification and for tutors to teach. Goals/Objectives: Provide information to potential students. Facilitate registration of students. Provide scheduling information to tutors. Provide assistance with general queries. Definition (what do we want to achieve?): […]


See previous post on Control. Control aspects: Student’s payment of fees: no payment means students remain potential students in environment. Results in no profit. Qualification pass rate: feedback – what needs to be improved, re-enforces transformation process. Student satisfaction: happiness factor. Use as positive feedback to improve good things and negative feedback to bad things. Only want good as an […]


When the system is able to control itself. May use feedback received to match against goals and objectives. If any discrepancies detected, system takes corrective action by changing outputs which, as a result, change the inputs. This occurs on a continuous basis depending on the feedback. Control is over-arching term that includes feedback. Control loop sometimes talked about rather than […]


Feedback is an important Systems Thinking concept, it allows systems to keep a balance, or equilibrium. A system produces output in the environment which have an affect on the environment. This effects are reported back to the system by inputs. This feedback mechanism allows the system to manage itself so it can stay in a state of dynamic equilibrium. The […]