Ansible – Part 1

Ansible is one of several tools that can be used for configuration management, this post provides some notes on the various roles that Ansible can perform as well as how it works. For an introduction to Puppet, take a look at my post – “Puppet – Introduction“. So, what is Ansible – what does it do? It can take care […]

Puppet – Introduction

Puppet – Introduction Puppet is a configuration management tool which can be help to address the following challenges: Deploying servers with a consistent configuration. Addressing inconsistent configurations (config drift). Application deployment. Automation – as part of CI & CD, get it down faster! Before the likes of Puppet and Chef, SysOps typically would have a repository of scripts used to […]

Infrastructure Components

Number of components varying in scale & size that make up the infrastructure: Software Management software e.g. OS, apps, RDBMS may be on centralised/decentralised servers, mobile devices copies and installed locations require managing – licensing implications. Key and costly asset. Version control of software requires management. Compatibility of software and versions. Networks Key component. Can become bottleneck if not managed […]