Why reference? Acknowledge those who did the work. Give credit to author for time, money and effort spent conducting research. Provide sources for readers to check our work. Part of triangulation process. Allows readers to check our accuracy of reporting. Provide readers with full text so they can read & learn from them. To read more than a summary that […]

What are Academic Papers for?

Papers validate contributions to knowledge. Reviewed: Subject experts peer review. Published with others in area checking it. Scrutinised by other researchers once in public domain. Tested again and again by many people. Paper can stand up to tests, be modified or thrown out. Papers disseminate knowledge, e.g. discover and share a cure for disease. Papers further research identify existing solutions […]

Role of the Literature Review

To add to the existing body of knowledge, we need to know what is already there. This is the determined by carrying out a literature review. It is also used to support and justify research. Also by reviewing existing work we can identify questions not yet answered, either: from “future work” section of existing dissertations/papers, or spotting a gap – […]

Why research?

Simple answer – find things out. “body of knowledge” – everything we currently know. No one knows all of the body of knowledge but some people know each aspect. e.g someone may know all about atoms and how to build machines to answer questions about them, others may know all the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest throughout the years. […]