Main Criteria for User Interface

Consider following when designing user interface: Navigation Do not get lost Consistency Help facility to guide Content Educational Entertaining Promotional Informational Look and Feel Colours to suit brief and create right mood Visually appealing Layout Uncluttered Clear Intuitive Clients/Users Meet expectations More specific users are, easier to target material and delivery. Define users What do they want? How can it […]

Getting started with Amazon EC2 part 1

This post will walk through the┬ápreliminary steps when starting out with Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute). Create your AWS account Create an IAM user Create a key pair Create a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Create a security group 1. Create your AWS account Amazon make available a tier of services which is free for 12 months from the point […]

I’ve been pwned :(

Just received an email through from Amazon telling me my password has been reset. Being a suspicious type I didn’t take their email as being genuine but as there were no links it seemed more plausible than not. So following this, I checked the very useful site “Have I been pwned?” and indeed some of my details had been made […]