Finding what processes are running

Brief blog on finding out what processes are running, info taken from man. To find out what processes are running, use the prstat utility from the command line. There are a number of options which you can make use of depending on what you what to see. The useage of prstat is as follows: prstat [-acJLmRtTv] [-C psrsetlist] [-j projlist] […]

DR and Backup/Recovery

I will looking into Data Guard, RMAN and RAC amongst other things and will put any interesting findings here which may prove useful. A couple of sites that I’m reading into right now are: Setting up Oracle DataGuard for 10g by advait Creating a Physical Standby Database – Oracle Documentation

Checking services with Powershell

I use this script to check the Oracle services on the list of servers contained in servers.txt. The results are output to ServiceResults.html file. Listing for checkServices.ps1 process{ $servername = $_ $serviceArray = Get-WmiObject -class Win32_Service -computerName $servername $temp = @() $serviceArray foreach { $serviceinfo = “” select servername, name, startmode, state, status if (($ -like “*Oracle*”)) { $serviceinfo.servername = […]

Using Powershell to report on disk space

I have several Windows servers serving as our Oracle front end servers, unfortunately, these servers have limited disk space on their OS and Data drives. Each morning these need to be checked to ensure that the drives don’t fill which result in problems. So, to save logging on to each server each morning I investigated the use of Powershell to […]


Hi and welcome to my blog where I will share my¬†Adventures in DBA Land. My background is in web and Windows forms application development, I then moved into SQL Server database administration and have recently had the opportunity to take on a post as an Oracle DBA. One of my first priorities is to automate as many of the manual […]