Hiring – some lessons from Google

I have just been through the recruitment process for a junior role in my team and this got me thinking about the level of consistency across interviews that we carry out. We do have a standard set of questions but when I looked at these they were focused on a DevOps Engineer, only some of the questions applied to the […]

I’ve been pwned :(

Just received an email through from Amazon telling me my password has been reset. Being a suspicious type I didn’t take their email as being genuine but as there were no links it seemed more plausible than not. So following this, I checked the very useful site “Have I been pwned?” and indeed some of my details had been made […]

Installing TFS 2015 Proxy Server

Here are the steps I took to install Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2015 Proxy Server. Download the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2015 (with update 1) from MSDN. Use disk image software to mount the ISO image. Browse to the virtual device where the ISO is mounted and run tfs_server.exe. Choose the installation location and click Install (figure 1). Figure […]

10,000 views – THANK YOU!

Just a short post to say thank you to those who have taken the time to visit my blog, I have now just passed 10,000 views which I find quite amazing! It is interesting to¬†look over some of the stats for the past few years… Country most visited from is India followed by United States for both 2015 and 2014 […]