Colour Wheel

Primary colours Red Yellow Blue Subtractive colours (occurs when mixing pigments like paint) based on what is reflected and what is absorbed. Red reflects only red light & absorbs everything else. Cannot be mixed/formed by any other colour combinations. Different primary colour combinations applicable in different ares. Standard computer monitor uses red, green & blue light – additive combination. Mixing […]

User Interface

Website’s user interface is important. Performs required functionalities. Achieve desired effect on customer by it’s look and feel. See for professional looking website – real photos, sharp edges, alignment and metallic colour scheme. Kinder website – suitable design for appropriate customer base – bright colours, round edges, games and interaction. Online marketing – enter code from Kinder egg to […]

Introducing Online Business Systems

Module provides understanding or process involved in analysis, design and implementation of online business system. Move from static websites to dynamic data-driven sites is the norm. Skills required to implement websites has increased as have customers requirements. Developers need knowledge of: HTML Server Side Scripting Databases Before implementation, need to determine user requirements & design principles. Introductory unit covers development […]