Research Activity: Challenges of BYOD

The growth of the usage of Bring You Own Devices (BYOD) has been a major challenge for IT departments. Research the topic of BYOD and discuss the challenges they brought and how they have been overcome with your module colleagues in the Group Discussion Forum. Organisations are finding it a significant expense equipping workforce with devices to enable its mobile workforce. More […]

Infrastructure Components

Number of components varying in scale & size that make up the infrastructure: Software Management software e.g. OS, apps, RDBMS may be on centralised/decentralised servers, mobile devices copies and installed locations require managing – licensing implications. Key and costly asset. Version control of software requires management. Compatibility of software and versions. Networks Key component. Can become bottleneck if not managed […]

Research Activity: Three major IT outsourcing companies

Identify three major IT outsource organisations and identify the services they provide and who their major customers are. Accenture ( Customers include BMW, Oracle Corporation and SSE. Services provided include: Service desk outsourcing—Reduce risk through multi-site support and introduce remote or self-service capabilities to cut help desk costs by 30 percent to 50 percent. Workplace outsourcing—Provide a more secure, stable […]


Delivery of I.T. infrastructure is responsibility of I.T. management. Infrastructure holds and processes significant assets belonging to the organisation. Delivery methods may vary. All of infrastructure may be run and owned by organisation, completely outsourced as a “black box” or somewhere in between. Infrastructure Delivery: All in house – most straight forward method, directly controlled by I.T. management. Outsourced as […]