Removing objects

This is a useful feature of Photoshop. There are two phases in removing an object from an image: The removal of the object Filling the area left by the removed object 1 – The removal of the object Selecting the Rectangular Marquee tool. Creating a marquee (click and drag action) around the object that is to be removed. Selecting the Zoom tool […]

Black and white conversion

Black and white conversion may be required when producing black & white printed material or to provide an ageing effect. Choosing the Image -> Duplicate menu item. Using the Duplicate Image dialog box. Entering a name for the duplicate image to be created. Using the duplicate image we are ready to convert it to black and white. Choose the Image […]

Image Cropping

Using the crop tool it is possible to remove excess pace from the image. Selecting the Crop tool. Highlighting (click and drag motion) the portion of the photograph that we wish to keep. Adjusting the edges of the highlighted area (click and drag motion on the top, bottom, right and left of the highlighted area). Adjusting the highlighted area proportionately. […]

Evolution of Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop reached version 8 in 2003. Then packaged with other apps in Adobe Creative Suite (CS). CS6 is 13th full release. Some new features added when rebranding from Photoshop to CS include: smart guides lens blur filter match colour command Macrovision copy protection (based on DRM technology) scripting support for JavaScript supporting 2Gb file CS2 version included: smart objects […]


Can hold separate elements forming a collage or separating elements of single image for manipulation. Layer visibility can be turned on and off. Layer opacity can be changed from 0% (transparent) to 100% (opaque).