Aspects of Research Affected by Ethical Considerations

All aspects of research affected: Topic Methods Anonymity Collecting Data and Information – Questionnaires Internet or Intranet Surveys Pilot Testing Designing data collection methods for computational analysis Collecting Data and Information – Observation Techniques Evaluating Software Usability – Think it out loud Focus Groups Interviews Group Interviews  

Why are Ethics Important?

Method of carrying out research may affect results – how observations and surveys are carried out will impact the actions and replies. Some projects may have particular ethical considerations that need to be addressed, e.g. when a system is being evaluated by a vulnerable group. These considerations are in addition to those standard considerations around data collection and processing. Interpretation […]

What is meant by “Ethics”?

Refers to set of rules, principles or standards governing conduct of members of profession, or way individuals carry out work relating to profession. Research not done in isolation. Process of conducting research & the results have impact on other people – even if just increasing body of knowledge. Before starting research, evaluate impact & determine if it is right & […]

What NOT to do

Literature review should avoid: Reporting Must critically evaluate Repeating Don’t repeat what has already been said. Synthesis and critically evaluate. Plagiarising Don’t try and pass off someone else’s work as your own. Always reference correctly to avoid this.


Why reference? Acknowledge those who did the work. Give credit to author for time, money and effort spent conducting research. Provide sources for readers to check our work. Part of triangulation process. Allows readers to check our accuracy of reporting. Provide readers with full text so they can read & learn from them. To read more than a summary that […]


Literature review brings together current body of subject knowledge. Most academic papers are relatively short (<10 pages) therefore cannot contain current body of knowledge, just reference to parts that are reported on in paper. Papers typically make only small contribution to body of knowledge. Need to read a lot of papers. Literature review demonstrates ability to bring together information and […]