What are Academic Papers for?

Papers validate contributions to knowledge. Reviewed: Subject experts peer review. Published with others in area checking it. Scrutinised by other researchers once in public domain. Tested again and again by many people. Paper can stand up to tests, be modified or thrown out. Papers disseminate knowledge, e.g. discover and share a cure for disease. Papers further research identify existing solutions […]

Hierarchy of Credibility

Hierarchy of credibility: Journals Conferences Academic books Manufacturer’s white papers & internally published papers Wikipedia/Webpodia Web blogs Manufacturer’s white papers may not be considered as credible as journals or conference papers as there will be a degree of bias toward their own service or product. The white paper will also likely not have gone through the same level of review, […]


Academic conference papers and presentations represent current position – point research has reached. Not usually completed work but tentative conclusions are drawn based on results obtained so far, Level of review not necessarily as high as journal.

Kill Oracle processes in Unix

Found this article from Donald Burleson (Burleson Consulting) on his website which gives a very good example of how to identify and kill processes associated with a specific ORACLE_SID. ps -ef|grep $ORACLE_SID| grep -v grep|awk ‘{print $2}’|xargs -i kill -9 {}  Check out the original article and take a look around his website as there are other useful gems there.