Peer-reviewed periodical. Publishes work related to particular academic discipline. Editor normally has other professional responsibilities such as teaching at university. They collate substantial pieces of research work, present large bodies of evidence and represent significant contributions to knowledge.

Peer review

Peer review is the fundamental principle governing credibility and publication of a scientific paper. Peers will be experts in the field. Submitted papers are sent for critical evaluation and review by these¬†experts. They check that published work has been reviewed properly and that current state of knowledge has been taken into account. Peers check the following: Have they performed appropriate, […]

Who will publish it?

Need to find suitable academic journal or conference covering topic we are discussing. Both issue calls for papers and list topics they are interested in. Some focused, others have a broader range of topics. Best way to find publishers is to review list of who published papers in literature review.  

Research Activity 01

Credible Sources Rate each following source in terms of credibility and justify view. Wikipedia Not very credible. This is a crowd-based knowledge website which anyone can update without having any qualification in the subject area. References to support information can be included but it is not mandatory. RDI notes More credible. As they are written by people with domain knowledge […]


Not everything online or in print is factually correct. Articles, essays & blog posts can be erroneous through: ignorance of author(s) misinterpretations invalid conclusions drawn from source data To determine whether source is valid or rubbish, we need to evaluate the academic credibility.

Aspects of the Literature Review

Should be well-argued & critical evaluation of particular subject. Should show width and depth of reading relevant and appropriate literature. Not sufficient to read two or three papers. Remember triangulation. Should focus clearly on particular issue being looked at. Should learn a lot about subject and will help give clearer focus on questions to ask. Should be coherent piece of […]

Change the logical name of MSSQL database/transaction log files

When a database backup is restored in MSSQL, the physical filenames can be amended during the restore process but the logical names for the source database and transaction log files are kept. It is a simple step to amend these however… First, find the current names of the files where <database_name> is the name of the restored DB. SELECT database_id, […]