Role of the Literature Review

To add to the existing body of knowledge, we need to know what is already there. This is the determined by carrying out a literature review. It is also used to support and justify research. Also by reviewing existing work we can identify questions not yet answered, either: from “future work” section of existing dissertations/papers, or spotting a gap – […]

Getting started with Amazon EC2 part 1

This post will walk through the preliminary steps when starting out with Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute). Create your AWS account Create an IAM user Create a key pair Create a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Create a security group 1. Create your AWS account Amazon make available a tier of services which is free for 12 months from the point […]

What is a Dissertation?

It is a document that defends a hypothesis. Based on sound collection of evidence from both literature and collected data. Evidence gathered from appropriate sources, presented in coherent structure,  drawing valid, reliable and justified conclusions. Degree-related project must contain work the student has carried out, not just other people’s work.


Need significant body of evidence to support hypothesis. If taken from literature, read extensively around subject and gather wide range of correlative sources. If evidence is from own work, number of data sets required from different circumstances to ensure experiments/observations are repeatable. This approach is called triangulation – sets of evidence from various sources supporting same hypothesis required to reach […]

Sources – Your own data

Data can be collected from experiments and observations. Need to present in clear and concise manner that is easy to understand while including all relevant information. Usual to show data in graphical format so it is easier to interpret. Common data has standards of measurement, e.g. data communication; average data rate, lost packets, end-to-end delivery time, normalised delivery ratios. Use […]

Sources – Literature

Source of evidence must be clear. If it is from literature then it must be referenced. Must use the referencing method specified by publisher in order to get scientific paper published. Harvard referencing is one of main standards used in I.T. literature. Recent versions of MS Word have the option of setting Harvard as the referencing method which helps to […]


In science, everything has to be supported by evidence – no evidence,  no scientific theory. Hyperspace is an example of science fiction as there is no evidence that faster than speed of light travel is possible. In the future, if this becomes possible then it will be science fact as there will be evidence to support it. When writing a […]