Why research?

Simple answer – find things out. “body of knowledge” – everything we currently know. No one knows all of the body of knowledge but some people know each aspect. e.g someone may know all about atoms and how to build machines to answer questions about them, others may know all the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest throughout the years. […]

Inventing something new

August 1991, Tim Berners-Lee at CERN turned on the first website, prior to this the world wide web did not exist. Prior to this, one would hava to visit the library to find out information. This is research by inventing something new.

SnipIT No 5: Find the version of Apache on a Linux machine

SnipIT is a series of short blogs containing useful information in an easily digestible format. httpd  is the Apache HTTP server program which can be installed on a Linux server (sudo yum install httpd). To find out which version is running on your system, type http -v at a command prompt when connected to the server.  

Finding out something

Tends to apply to physical sciences involving experimentation and observation. e.g. observing behaviour of a bird to establish how it finds it’s way half-way around the world during migration. Use new technology such as GPS and micro-transponders to tag a bird and map their route. New knowledge as routes were not previously known before the study. Therefore, it is research.

What is Research?

Answering questions. Research starts with a question. Research is: proving a theory done by experts used to establish facts about something scientific objective a lot of hard work and not fun All of above can apply and equally none! Scientific research – find out something new and something, or invent something new. Keyword is “new”.