Research Activity 04

Looking at the two research examples again (tracking Ospreys and Tim Berners-Lee), what research questions are they trying to answer? Have they found their answers yet? What related questions are now being researched or could be researched in the future? Osprey tracking I think the research questions may be “Where do the Ospreys go when they migrate?”, “Do the Ospreys […]

Nant.exe won’t run – Access is denied

When using Nant a while ago all was going well until I encountered an “Access is denied” message in DOS. I tried running the executable again and was also presented with this very helpful message: I did a bit of checking and then noticed that the filesize of the exe look a bit suspect. I am not sure what caused […]

Research questions

Research – answering questions. To start research, need at least one question. Large project may have more than one question. Too many questions – unable to answer them all, research will lack focus. Generally, 3-5 related questions. Should be refined to fairly basic terms: Why does this happen? How does that work? What is needed to make this work? Example […]

Research Activity 03

Verification of statements Try to find where and when Einstein made the declaration “nuclear power was impossible because it would require the splitting of the atom at will.”. What conclusion could you draw if you can’t find anything reliable to support the assertion that he made the statement about splitting the atom? I couldn’t find a reference supporting the claim […]

SnipIT No 6: Allow HTTP through CentOS firewall

SnipIT is a series of short blogs containing useful information in an easily digestible format. With a fresh install of CentOS, the firewall prevents http and https traffic. To test that it is the firewall preventing access to the web server disable the firewall: sudo systemctl stop firewalld Then try browsing to the servers IP address for a remote machine. […]

Research cycle

Not linear, never “finished” – it’s a cyclical process. Research throws up more questions than it answers. Not all questions can be answered – not enough time or resource. Further research of something leads to refinement. Can call previous research/concepts into doubt. Einstein said that nuclear power would be impossible as requires atom to be split at will, we now […]

Types of research

Ways to conduct research: Pure, applied, strategic Descriptive, explanatory, evaluative Market, academic, scientific Basic, applied, instrumental, action Exploratory, testing-out, problem-solving as well as others All research should have these features regardless of approach: Should be planned – plan what you are researching into, how to conduct research, how to verify results and how to disseminate results. Should be cautious – […]

Research Activity 02

Hypercard: what it enabled a user to do and how it worked, and what was the major limitation of it and its imitators at the time. Hypercard allowed a user to store information in a “stack” similar to a Rolodex system. It also had the ability to process script with each object in the stack having an element that carried […]

Research Activity 01

Find out more about the Osprey tracking. Two chicks tagged with satellite trackers in 2015. In 21015, one fly 7352km and the other 6812km. Interestingly, the tracked ospreys don’t always take the same route, some travel along the west coast of Britain, another down the east coast and one more centrally. The osprey tracked here travelled to Africa […]