Installing and setting up Jenkins

Previously, we saw how to install UnxUtils to ensure the Jenkins works correctly on a Windows machine. Here we will look at installing and setting up Jenkins. Browse to the Jenkins website,, and click the red Download Jenkins button at the top. Then choose either the LTS or Weekly Release, click the white down arrow next to the version […]

Installing UnxUtils on Windows

This is only a short post covering the installation of UnxUtils. I previously covered installing Git and following this post will be how to install and configure Jenkins. Jenkins requires some Unix utilities to work so it is advised to install UnxUtils which can be downloaded from Once downloaded, extract the files from the ZIP folder and put them […]

Install Git binaries on Windows

Steps to install the Git binaries on a Windows operating system, in this case Windows 8.1. Browse to and download the appropriate version for your operating system. Click through the licence agreement. Select the folder to install Git to. Deselect “Associate .sh files to be run with Bash” as we’ll be using a separate instance of Bash to run […]

C# console app to test return codes

To help test a larger piece of work, I needed a small application that I could pass a return code to that would then simply pass it back. This app would simulate TestExecute so that I can then write some Powershell to work with the return code locally rather than having to run the full application, the idea being that […]

Starting with NAnt

As part of our build process we utilise NAnt scripts so I thought it would be useful (even just for my own purposes!) to make some notes as I get started with it. Firstly, we are using NAnt 0.90 which last modified in May 2010, it can be download from SourceForge, the most recent version, 0.92, was modified in June […]

Open and close a process with Powershell

Short script to open notepad.exe (can be any process you want to open) on either your local machine or a remote machine and then kill the process. Option 1 C:\PSTools\PsExec.exe cmd /c start notepad.exe Start-Sleep -s 10 C:\PSTools\PsKill.exe -accepteula notepad.exe Option 2 C:\PSTools\PsExec.exe notepad.exe Start-Sleep -s 10 C:\PSTools\PsKill.exe -accepteula notepad.exe Both options result in the same outcome, notepad is opened […]