Benefits of VoIP

Lower operational cost – single infrastructure, free additional features (caller ID & conference call). Flexibility – more than one call over single broadband connection. Security – encrypt/authenticate IP stream. Integration – video conversation, data file exchange & audio conference.  

Corporate Users

Many large companies have extensive data communications networks internally and across sites. No need to spend extra for voice services, use existing network for VoIP services. Advantages: Migrating from copper-wire to VoIP over data network Better use of bandwidth Lower cost – no duplicating services Unified communication systems – single infrastructure to manage Dual-mode phones – use VoIP on internal […]

Consumer Market

Available since 2004. Delivered by existing broadband connection. Behaves much like standard Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Requires equipment: Dedicated VoIP phone, or Adaptor for standard analog phone, or Software and headset/web cam Benefit for home users is ability to make free phone calls, especially when making long distance calls. Most common provider is Skype.