Using Powershell to access Oracle

Before trying to access an Oracle database with Powershell it is necessary to have the Oracle Data Provide for .Net available, the most common way to get this is to install the Oracle client. If you are already interacting with Oracle databases then you will likely have a version of the client installed, if not use the link below to […]

Enabling Powershell-ISE in Windows Server

To use PowerShell-ISEĀ (Integrated Scripting Environment) on a Windows 2008 R2 server it is necessary to first enable it. There are just a few simple steps to take to do this… Run PowerShell with Administrator privileges (right-click PowerShell -> Run as administrator). Import the Server Manager PowerShell module. Next, add the Powershell-ISE feature. That’s all there is to it! The result […]

I’ve been pwned :(

Just received an email through from Amazon telling me my password has been reset. Being a suspicious type I didn’t take their email as being genuine but as there were no links it seemed more plausible than not. So following this, I checked the very useful site “Have I been pwned?” and indeed some of my details had been made […]

Adding the date to a filename with Powershell

Following on from my previous post, Write to a text file using Powershell, I found it useful to be able to include the date into the log filename. $LogFile =”C:\PsTools\Method01-$(get-date -f yyyy-MM-dd).log” $DateTime = Get-Date Write-Output $DateTime “Performing some operation” | Add-Content $LogFile You can see from this script that the date format will give you, as example, 2016-06-22 as […]

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

Independent set of standards and practices for running I.T department. Details processes that should exist and what best practise is. Provides standard for I.T. departments to use for benchmarking and measuring their performance. ITIL areas cover: Financial management for I.T. department Service design Service level management Availability management Capacity management T. service continuity management Information security management Change management Service […]

Write to a text file using Powershell

While looking for a method to generate some logging in a Powershell script to aid debugging I came across several suggestions… #Method 01 – appends contents $LogFile =”C:\PsTools\Method01.log” $DateTime = Get-Date Write-Output $DateTime “Performing some operation” | Add-Content $LogFile #Method 02 – appends contents Add-Content “C:\PsTools\Method02.log” “Performing some operation” #Method 03 – overwrites existing contents Write-Output “Performing some operation” | […]