Centralised and Decentralised I.T. Departments

Advantages/disadvantages to both ways of organising I.T. departments. Advantages of a centralised department: Clear, top down management control & communication Maximise efficiency of skilled & specialised resources Centralised processes, procedures & standards Economies of scale in purchasing hardware & software Disadvantages of a centralised department: Lack of flexibility to respond Lack of individual support to end users Advantages of a […]

I.T. Department Functions

I.T. function responsibilities: Software Development Development/acquisition of application software for payroll, accounting, stock etc. Data Management Covers data design, data models and data security. Network Management Provides network services. Operations Management Responsible for running network, hardware and software as well as back up and security of data. End User Support Interfaces with users, covers user support, help desk and user […]

I.T. management compared to management of other functions

Common areas: Setting of objectives Performance measurement H.R. management Non-H.R. management Budget setting Areas of difference: I.T. professionalism and specialism (all functions will have specialism). Specialised areas: Software development Data management Network management Operations management End user support Capacity planning Technical services Each area has specific skills.