Installing Kali 2021 in VirtualBox

In this article, we will cover install and configuring Oracle VirtualBox, creating a Kali Linux VM (Virtual Machine) and making sure the OS is up to date. VirtualBox Browse to the VirtualBox downloads page and select the appropriate download for your operating system. Also from this page, download the VirtualBox Extension Pack. On Windows, double-click the VirtualBox installer exe just […]

Rooting the Nexus 6p

In this article, I will share the steps I took to unlock and root my Nexus 6p which I bought on eBay for around £50. The purpose of unlocking/rooting the phone is so that I can install Kali NetHunter on it to use in penetration testing. This guide assumes you have already made a full backup of your phone and […]

Hiring – some lessons from Google

I have just been through the recruitment process for a junior role in my team and this got me thinking about the level of consistency across interviews that we carry out. We do have a standard set of questions but when I looked at these they were focused on a DevOps Engineer, only some of the questions applied to the […]

AzureRm is dead, long live Az!

December 2018 saw the first stable release from Microsoft of the “Az” module. The Az module replaces AzureRm which has now receive bug fixes only, any new features and/or development will take place for Az. To check the latest version of Az, take a look at this page in the Powershell Gallery. The new Az module allows for the cross-platform […]

The Azure Resource Explorer

This article talks about the Azure Resource Explorer tool from Microsoft, briefly touching on Resources and Resource Groups, and finally an example of how I have used it. Let’s start by taking a quick look at what Resources and Resource Groups are… Resources and Resource Groups Resources are Azure components that provide functionality, either individually or when combined. If you […]

Connect, configure and test a web server

This article will show you how to connect to the VM built previously in the “Create a Linux VM in Azure” article, how to install and configure the server with the necessary software to serve a website and finally how to test it works. Connecting to a Linux VM Log in to Azure Portal and select Virtual machines from the […]

Create a Linux VM in Azure

This article will walk through how you can create a Linux VM in Microsoft Azure. Log in to the Azure Portal using your account, create one for free if you do not currently have one – see this short article on how to do that. Click Create a resource in the top-left. Select Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS (most current at […]

Create an SSH key pair in Azure

Creating a SSH key pair is straight forward and should only take a moment by following these simple steps. To get started, log in to Azure Portal and click the Cloud Shell button on the top bar. If this is the first time that you’ve used the Cloud Shell then you’ll be asked whether you want to use Bash or […]